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Benefits of Membership
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If you're interested in joining RICE, we'll have a membership type that's right for you. We'll also give you the advice and guidance you need to become professionally qualified and to move your career forward. As a RICE member, you'll get the resources to develop your knowledge and the support to build on your skills. You'll also become part of our global engineering community.

To become an authorize center, download this application form and send to accreditation@ricechartered.com.

Please send your documents to membership@ricechartered.com to know your eligibility.

Types of Membership Eligibility Criteria
Student - Free Membership Participants are entitled with a free membership if they have taken any engineering courses and certification with any of our authorized center.
Associate Membership If you hold a Bachelors degree in any engineering field you are eligible for this type of membership.
Professional Membership If you have a minimum of 2 years experience in any engineering related career, you are eligible for this type of membership.
Corporate Membership This applies to organizations or companies who wants to apply a membership for their employees. Given that employees have at least 2 years working experience in any engineering career.

You may apply with the following authorize centers location or email membership@ricechartered.com to inquire.

Types of Membership Location to Apply Application Form
Associate Membership
Professional Membership
Corporate Membership

Royal Institute
Texas, USA

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