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Our Mission
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
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Board of Directors

The Board has ultimate responsibility for the organization»s performance, for overseeing the management of risk and for promoting the long-term success of the organization.

Steven L. Johns, CEO
Areas of experience: Senior management, engineering, manufacturing, international
Education: MBA Mechanical, Massachussets University
Tyler S. Maxim, AVP
Areas of experience: Business development, engineering, marine, international
Education: PhD Marine Engineering, Oxford University
Richard A. Stephan, Engineering Director
Areas of experience: Operations, engineering, marketing
Education: MBA Civil, Harvard University
Ian V. Simon, Business Manager
Areas of experience: Business development, engineering, civil
Education: PhD Civil Engineering, Oxford University


The organization also includes teamplayer assign with different task and specialization. These dedicated workers hold college degrees and professional degrees and qualifications. RICE employees continue to go anywhere in the world, meet every technical and management challenge, and persevere until the job is done.

Jennifer Scott
Managing Director
Damian Hughes
Membership Director
Charlotte Dawn
Marketing Head
Ed Davids
Data Analyst
Anthony Keys
Accreditation Manager
Dominic Craig
Team Leader - Civil
Emma Coles
Accounts Manager
Hew Burston
Team Leader - QS
Aida Lynds
Team Leader - Chemical
Arthur Limwell
Team Leader - Marine
Christian Russel
Team Leader - Industrial
Celine Jackson
Team Leader - Electrical
James Lau
Team Leader - Agriculture
Carolina Mcevans
Accounts Assistant
Julia Holmes
Lily Adams
Office Assistant