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What is Marine Engineering?
About a century ago no one would have heard about a marine engineer, but today it is a profession which is as established as any other famous ones. Over the last 100 years, engineering as a field of study has developed and diversified far beyond what could have been imagined prior to this period. Not only this, it has also branched out into various specialized fields that have achieved great progress. Most of these new fields are aligned to any of the basic engineering branches like mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics, computers etc and have something or the other incorporated from them. One such branch is called marine engineering.

A marine engineer is a professional who is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all major mechanical and engineered equipments on board a ship. There are many mechanical systems that help in the operations of any vessel like the propulsion mechanics, electricity and power generation system, lubrication, fuel systems, water distillation, lighting and air conditioning system etc. These are all included in the technical responsibilities of a marine engineer.

Career path
Marine engineers and naval architects work with ships, from their design to their construction and maintenance. They work with all kinds of ships, such as sailboats, submarines, aircraft carriers, and tankers. Mechanical engineers deal with the ship's mechanical systems, like steering and propulsion. Naval architects deal with the general design, ensuring that the form of the vessel is sufficiently stable and durable.

The duties of a marine engineer include: